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Spacewarp: Colliding Comets and Other Cosmic Catastrophes

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Why do stars twinkle? What’s the best way to start spotting constellations and comets? Is there life beyond Earth? What’s the chance of a catastrophic collision with a killer asteroid?

He’s covered the big space questions for adults, now Australia’s very own Astronomer-at-Large, Fred Watson, embarks on a grand tour of the Universe especially for children. From stargazing to telescopes, space travel to black holes, killer comets to aliens, Fred covers every question kids might ask about space – and then some.

With incredible illustrations by Fred himself, and a mix of mind-boggling facts, Spacewarp is a fascinating book that kids will love – and parents and friends will undoubtedly learn a thing or two as well!

‘The perfect book for young space enthusiasts with a thirst for real scientific knowledge. Hilarious cartoons, fast facts and quiz questions, my kids and I loved every minute of it.’ – Professor Catherine Heymans, Astronomer Royal for Scotland

‘Fred is a star and this is a book about stars and so much more. There is the sun and the moon and asteroids, meteorites and comets. What are they made of and what do we really know about them? Here is a wealth of information, amazing facts and additional more complex information for those who want it. From how to make your own star wheel to what was the Big Bang, Fred gives us the world of contemporary astronomy. And for those who like numbers he tells us that there are 7500 pieces of space junk and the distance in a light year is nine and a half trillion kilometres. The night sky will be even more brilliant after reading this book.’ – Libby Gleeson, award-winning author

Author: Fred Watson
ISBN: 9781742237282
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 135mm x 210mm
Publisher: NewSouth Books
Published: 2021