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On the Move: A History of Transport in Australia

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On the Move explores the fascinating stories behind the many and varied forms of transport and travel in Australia from early Indigenous trade routes to the high-tech vehicles of the early 21st century.

Drawing on the Powerhouse Museum's diverse transport collection, the book gives a unique insight into how different modes of transport were adapted to meet the challenges of distance and isolation across this vast continent.

Find out how Afghan cameleers maintained their packsaddles to stop saddle sores, how Holden cars cornered the market, how Australian aviators conquered the skies, and why riding in a Cobb & Co coach could make you feel seasick. This beautifully illustrated publication is a must for anyone wanting to see transport history really come to life.

Recommended for transport enthusiasts and anyone interested in Australian social history, innovation and design. With links to the curriculum for upper primary and secondary, this book is an invaluable resource for students of Australian history, design and technology.