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Dennis Golding - The Block Cape

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This limited release cape by artist Dennis Golding was developed to coincide with his commissioned work in Absolutely Queer - an exhibition celebrating contemporary queer creativity as part of Sydney WorldPride 2023.

Rendered in luxe gold on a black background, the Block cape draws from Golding's childhood memories living on the Block (Redfern) where he was surrounded by Victorian-style wrought iron fences that adorn terraced houses. In this limited-edition series, Golding has taken European iconography and replaced it with Indigenous plants.

Golding has also redressed these collective memories in his artistic explorations of the superhero archetype. Golding recalls a shared childhood experience of "police constantly surveilling us and riding around on horseback... (as kids) we wanted, in some ways, to be invisible and hide even though we didn't do anything wrong." As a child, Golding turned his Batman cape to give him power, strength and resilience. These days, Golding has realised the importance of visibility, and hopes that whoever wears The Block Cape shares a similar sense of empowerment.

Packaged in a gift box with limited edition artist's statement certificate. 

About Dennis Golding 

Dennis Golding is a Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay artist from the north west of NSW and was born and raised on Gadigal land (Sydney). Through his Mother's lineage, Dennis also has ancestral ties to Biripi country along the mid-north coast of NSW. Working in a range of mixed media including painting, video, photography and installation, Golding critiques the social, political and cultural representations of race and identity. His practice is drawn from his own experiences living in urban environments and through childhood memories.

Printed and made in Australia. 100% Polyester Spandex. One Size.