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Textiles of India

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This magnificently illustrated and deeply researched volume takes the reader on a journey throughout the Indian Subcontinent to explore the history and traditions of its textiles. Dating back to the fifth millennium BCE, India's rich and vibrant textile tradition boasts an enormous range of techniques and extraordinary level of artistry. Drawn from one of the world's finest collections of Indian textiles, this book presents a fascinating overview of centuries of artistic production from every corner of India. Each section examines a different region to reveal its distinct textile traditions, patterns, and processes: Patola silks from Gujarat, brocade lampas preserved in Tibetan temples, mordant resist dyed cottons from Indonesia, embroideries from rural Bengal, and silk saris from Murshidabad.

The book also delves into the roles that textiles have played in daily life over the centuries, from household and dowry textiles to devotional pieces and exquisite materials crafted for rich patrons. Each object is photographed from multiple angles and reproduced in meticulous detail. Many of the antique pieces featured here are exceedingly rare, which makes this book an invaluable resource. Gorgeously illustrated, this volume makes a stunning gift for anyone interested in the history and craftmanship of one of the world's oldest textile traditions.

About the authors
Helmut and Heidi Neumann began collecting textiles in the 1970s and have travelled extensively in India and the Himalayas. They are regular contributors at academic conferences in the fields of Tibetan and Oriental art. They also collect textiles from Indonesia, Morocco, and China. 400 colour illustrations

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