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Petite Bud Vase Midnight with Gold Lustre

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A contemporary classic executed in Ebony's imitable piped porcelain technique. Beetle black porcelain perfectly offset with luminous dribbles of gold lustre. Internally glazed for pairing with your favourite perfumed blooms. Alternatively, can be used as a thoroughly modern candle holder. Simply melt away any wax drips by pouring boiling water over after use.

Challenging the established perceptions of cultural and artistic practices that were once exclusively coded as feminine and thus insignificant, Russell’s work celebrates the decorative, promiscuous aesthetics and politics of purity; the superficial, excess and delight – with pleasure.

Ebony Russell completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Honours) at Monash University in 2003 and in 2019 graduated from The National Art School Sydney with a Masters of Fine Art. Russell has won many awards including the Franz International Rising Star Award in 2018.

“My art is decadent, highly experimental and overtly feminine. I make objects that are an ode to excess, made entirely of decorative ornamentation with the use of high-fired porcelain. My Piped Dream Studio project is a collection of functional pieces that reference the delicate layers and embellishments of my sculptural work”.